Workshop, Trade and Tradition
What does “Frescos Artesanos” mean?

"The best translation is : the ornamental mural painting, executed by the masters hands, heirs of a generational profession. It is not by chance, that our enterprise is located in the old capital of the Kingdom of Spain. Valladolid is a town with a long cultural tradition, and protector of the best medieval art and polychromy workshops. We feel priveledged and want to contribute to this worldwide fame, working on the search of beauty and harmony  through painting.

My team of artists and I offer artistic knowledge based on years of experience, hard work and innovation.We believe that, the creative process to offer imaginative solutions, is not the result of circumstance, but the diligent application of talent and specialization."

Daniel Yordanov-Founder and manager

Many years of experience, and the confidence of our customers has made Frescos Artesanos a reference not only in Spain.

. This profession with medieval origin gathers craftsmen with high degree of expertise and specialization. It is entered into only with the approval and review of a jury of teachers in the profession. Since 2001 Frescos Artesanos has the credential of Craftsman Workshop and is enrolled in the R. A. no. -47-II-067.

The heritage of cultural and artistic training makes the result of our works, unique, unprecedented and difficult to repeat.

As a token of our recognition, the workshop is invited to give courses for training of new specialists and also in exhibitions of cultural events.


Project “The murmur of the stones”

Frescos Artesanos bets on its own cultural projects. This is a series of drawings and paintings representing a specific aspect of Spanish cultural and historical heritage. Arquitectural and sculptural pieces of great artistic interest. The main axe of the collection are paintings of great format executed with traditional methods, like the use of pigments mixed with organic binders.